Torc T14 Bluetooth Helmet Review in 2021

If you got a head you need a helmet! Motorcycles are more dangerous compared to cars because they expose your whole body to the risks of accidents. It takes a lot of power and force to drive and control a motorcycle.

Safety must be your first priority and helmets are the most important protection gear. The helmet is a shield that saves your life from the risk of head and brain injuries during accidents. They come with different models in various sizes with as many colors.

However, picking a perfect fit is not an easy thing. Here are some of the aspects that are needed to reduce your valuable time while purchasing a helmet. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends to every motorcycle rider to wear a helmet to protect themselves.

If you want to save your time and get a high-quality helmet you must know the main features and qualities. TORC helmet is one of the most popular helmets which are highly reliable, safe and protective.

How to Buy TORC T14 Mako Flag Full Face Helmet

As helmets are all about the matter of your life, you should not be in a hurry while the selection. Many people invest in cheap and low-quality helmets which costs them a life. You must do some own research, learn your needs, know the features of the helmets.

1. How Did We Pick

Having some prior knowledge while choosing a helmet is needed. There are some vital features to be considered while purchasing a helmet for safety, weight, comfort, size. Here are the following best features you must check before the purchase:

The Weight of a Helmet

Weight is one of the main factors that decide comfort of your head. Helmets are usually heavy n nature but make sure the weight is not too heavy which makes it hard to wear on your head. Torc T14 provides you with a very lightweight helmet which makes you feel comfortable to wear.

The center of the helmet balances the weight in a way that you don’t feel any neck pains even wearing it the whole day as it is very light to carry on your head.


The inner surface of a helmet should be comfortable while wearing a helmet which provides you the stability of the head. The interior must be well designed with cushions and should be gentle to the head.

Types of Helmets

Helmets come in different shapes and sizes. Here are the types in detail:

Full face Helmet: This type of helmet is the most popular and provides you complete protection and comfort. Most of the racers prefer this kind of helmet as it covers the complete face and head.

It also consists of shield that is movable for protecting the eyes when it is closed and the chin strap. As there are ventilation holes it helps you to have a clear vision.

Three-quarter Helmet: Open face helmet or three-quarter helmet is similar to Full Face Helmet but it doesn’t have a movable shield. Open face helmet is less in weight compared to the full-face helmet. It provides you complete clarity on your vision.

A three-quarter helmet is best suitable when riding the scooter. This helmet leaves the face open to dust and smoke. The advantage of using this kind of helmet is that there is no need of removing the helmet while eating and drinking.

Half Helmet: This helmet provides you the protection to the top end of your head. It is one of the least protection helmets of all kinds. This is often light in weight and can be used more comfortably.

While purchasing Half helmet look for those which provides a sturdy chin strap. This is not recommended for riders as it provides less protection.

Modular/Flip-up Helmet: This helmet is very easy to use as the visor can be flipped up and down. This is similar to full face helmet when the visor is down. The weight of the modular helmet is heavy because of its additional moving parts and braces.

Know the size of your head: The shape and size of the head vary from each person. If the size of helmet is too small then it may give you a headache which distracts you from driving.

Before purchasing a helmet you should know the accurate size of your head. So that, you can easily choose the best that fits perfectly on your head. Without knowing the size you cannot buy a helmet. TORC T14 comes in different sizes like large, medium, small.

2. Reasons to Trust Us

Our research team made different kinds of tests on the various kinds of a helmet and they found the difficulties what people are facing. To choose the right, we need to know the problems with the wrong one. So, we concentrated on the complications and troubles people faces in this matter. We contacted Doctors and physiotherapists to know whats safe for our head. We spoke to customers to learn to know the rate of satisfaction. After doing all these we are very confident about our choice.

3. Why You Should Get This

Most of the people don’t like to wear a helmet because it causes discomfort, spoils hairstyles, and other silly things. But you need to know that nothing is more important than your life. Wearing this protection gear keeps your head safe from injuries, reduces pollution, smoke, dust, and wind entering into your eyes. You can happily drive without any obstacles. Why don’t we think of taking the safety before happening from something bad? So, get a helmet now!

4. How We Tested

The testing process is done by our research team who are specialized in doing analytical, theoretical and practical tests. The testing is done according to the standards of Department Of Transportation.. During the process of testing, we called a group of riders and asked them to go for a test drive wearing this helmet. Our scientists have found that this helmet has no defects and the material used is very comfortable to the user.

5. Care and Maintenance

If your helmet removable liner, you can clean the shield separately. Clean the front shield that covers the face frequently. Carry the helmet in a way how we hold the handbag so that, you will not find any scratches on it. Don’t carry it with the help of chin bar. While cleaning the helmet remove the visor and pads and wash it gently with cleaning product with warm water. Always leave out the helmet to air as it allows the odor to vanish.

Torc T14 Bluetooth Helmet Review

Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet with Flag Graphic (Flat Black, Large)

Torc T14 helmet is a full face helmet which is light in weight and is designed especially with the features that give significant benefits. It covers all your face which increases your safety.

The whole design gives you good ventilation, clear vision and firm fit around your head. The interior is designed with washable inner liner and is removable.

Product Features:

  • Designed with laser contoured comfort liner. This liner quickly adopts according to the shape of your head.
  • Designed with smooth lock drop down visor system.
  • Flat panel shield offers strong production.
  • Optically correct flat panel shield.

Last Words

Here is the Torc T14 helmet review and after reading this, you must be eager to take this helmet to your home. Don’t waste your time and invest in your safety right now!

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