What are The Best Shoes for Motorcycle Riding?

What are the best sh​oes for mo​​​​torcycle riding? This is a question that runs through many people’s minds, and if you are one of them, then you are in the right place.

Motorcycle shoes bridge the gap between the boring boots and the clunky Taylors that you love, giving you additional protection while still comfortable enough to wear when not riding.

Cycling shoes are here to protect your feet from potential harms and heat from the bike that you might encounter as you ride. With many biking shoes from hundreds of manufacturers, choosing the right shoes for riding a motorcycle is a daunting task. With that in mind, this blog seeks to offer an exclusive list of the casual motorcycle shoes.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Riding Shoes Reviews in 2021

1. Gaerne Voyager Aquatech

Combining safety and style, these shoes are constructed with the rider in mind. The shoe features a breathable membrane, and they are very functional. The shoe’s additional props around the shifting area create an added comfort for stop and go riding.

The shoe locking system is what I like most; it has a union of laces and a zipper which means that the shoe won’t come loose even if you wear it in a hurry. Regardless of the distance, you intend to cover; the shoe will deliver to your expectations.    


Safety-the shoe is very safe to ride on. It outer rubber sole improves traction making it possible to ride for long without sliding, thus making your riding safer.


You cannot ride for marathons and other competitions on these shoes. They are meant for riding around on good surfaces.


If looking for comfort and safety while riding from home to the office or when taking a tour around your area, the shoes will deliver to your expectations.

2. Rev’it Fairfax

Stylish and subtle, these riding shoes offer an incredible level of protection to the rider. The shoes come with a thermo-formed heel cap as well as the cap to offer crush resistance in case of an accident. Its injected ankle cup insulates a foot’s main hinge. It also comes with a reflective pull tab to improve visibility when riding in dark areas.


A safe and comfortable-the shoe is well equipped with an ankle and a heel cup to not only protect your foot but to also make the shoe more comfortable when wearing it.


Expensive-compared to other shoes, the shoes come at a higher price.


Once you buy this excellent shoe, you will benefit from the shoe’s great looks, a uniquely shaped foot-bed and you will get the most comfortable riding shoes.

3. Styl-martin Chester

Everyone loves a pretty pair of shoes. Regardless of how an ugly shoe performs, people are less likely to like it. This shoe features an all leather high top and comes with a casual style that is appealing to the eye.

Other than its exterior look, the shoe is very functional. It consists of leather that is full grain abrasion resistance. The shoes come with leather and a waterproof lining that lies below to make the shoe all-weather friendly riding boot.   


Strong-The shoes come with sturdy construction, rubber outsole for added traction, and a well secure toe space making it the best to have this winter.


Cost- the shoe is very expensive

4. Dainese Street Rocker

These shoes were manufactured with an advanced rider in mind. The shoes feature a full grain leather and come with a unique finishing making it not only useful but very appealing as well. What I love most about this shoe is the fact that it is waterproof and breathable. That means that you can ride on the shoe regardless of the weather. It also features CE’s compliant full complement of protective components.


An extra layer of inner soles for added comfort and stability


The shoes are not ideal for hiking


Whether looking for comfort, style, or performance, these shoes have it all. By getting a pair, you will get to enjoy all that comes with these riding shoes.

5. Truant CE Boots

These shoes are the best you can ever get. Enjoying the support of a mid-foot support strap, these boots not only protect your feet but also foster good riding posture from the ground. Truant boots come with an axial-metric steel shank that blends with a toe box with a slip-proof rubber for improved traction. The shoe provides several points of support to help you when riding.

Other great features that come with these boots are the laces that are just partially exposed to the right balance of snag protection and balance.


Truant boots are very comfortable. With an outer rubber-sole and laces, the shoe will fit you comfortably.


No reported cons yet


These shoes offer maximum foot protection when riding. Whether you decide to a ride around the area or cover longer kilometers, you can be sure to get the best experience.

There you have it. Whether looking forward to riding to the office, take a road trip with friends, any other cycling activities, there is always a riding shoe to fit your needs. With the above list, you can now choose the one that suits you best and enjoy doing what you love most.

Safe riding!

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