Sena SMH5 Review & Buying Guides 2021

Motorcycle, another meaning of freedom, adventures, and memories. Nothing can be compared to the enjoyment of riding a motorcycle. But riding a bike has its own disadvantages like you can’t keep in touch with your riding companions and listen to your favorite music.

To solve this problem, latest technology has invented Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets which ensures your safety and comfort during the motorcycle rides. If you are looking for the best Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets you are in the right place.

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How to Buy Sena SMH5

A motorcycle Bluetooth headset is a technical device which helps you to communicate with your riding friends and companions within a range od distance without removing your helmet. With Bluetooth headset, you can easily connect with other and thing will be in control even in windy conditions, heavy traffics and while driving.

It also delivers you GPS settings, routes, and other information. Who doesn’t love to listen to music while riding a bike? Bluetooth headsets bring back all your joy and enjoyment safely. But not all motorcycle headsets are of high quality. Here is a buying guide where you get to know about the factors you need to consider before choosing the one.

1. How did we pick

Bluetooth headsets are easy to use, free from tangling and have a lot of benefits. Most of the people commit mistakes in selecting the wrong one due to lack of knowledge. You can get a headset anywhere from local stores but if you love high-quality Bluetooth sets you must learn about the best qualities.

Here are the top features of Seam SMH5 Bluetooth headset:

Sound Quality

A good headset must have a good sound quality which suppresses the noise of traffic, wind and other riders sounds. The quality of the sound defines the quality of the headset. The sound must be very clear without any obstructions.

Number of Riders

Latest motorcycle Bluetooth headsets are designed with advanced technology. Old headsets used to connect only two riders up to some range. But, with this Bluetooth headset, you can communicate with multiple riders and connect a large group of the riders in a certain range. Make sure the intercom supports this feature to stay connected.

Voice Prompts

Voice prompts is a feature which helps you to control the device with the voice without using hands. While driving, this feature plays a main role because it provides easy access to everything and helps you to focus on the road.


The range is the term that describes the coverage of the Bluetooth headset. Most of the headsets range from 300-400 meters which is pretty good to stay connected with fellow riders. You can share and receive the information with someone who is within the range of distance. Broad range headsets keep you stay connected with any individual.

Materials Used

You must check the materials used in the making of the headset to know the quality. It also determines the durability of the product.


In case of motorcycle headsets, you need to check the brand and nature of the manufacturer to avoid any further issues. Cheap brands and manufacturers do not provide headset of good quality. Low-quality headsets can be waste of your time and also causes some dangers. So, make sure the brand is unquestionable, reliable and trustworthy.

Speed and Accuracy

Some of the motorcycle headsets are very slow in receiving and transforming the information. It takes minutes of time to connect to another rider which is a complete waste of time.

So, be sure that the Bluetooth headset transfers the information with the speed of light with accuracy. You must be able to hear the sound and music without any noise of surroundings.


This kind of headsets usually lasts a lifetime if you are able to make the right choice. Also, take care of your headsets and protect them from damages.


GPS is topmost priority for the riders and almost every rider looks for this feature in the Bluetooth headsets. They save your time by showing you easiest ways to reach your destination.

2. Reasons to trust us

It is really hard to trust something you find on the internet. We know your inner feelings and want to clear our thoughts for you. Our professional team aims to bring out the best products for our readers and clear all their doubts about the products. In the process of picking the best Bluetooth headset, we have conducted intense research on different brands and models. After testing them practically, we have brought this best product for you.

3. Why You Should Get This

According to accident statistics, 11% of the crashes occur due to the careless people talking and driving on the mobiles without any safety. To reduce this problem, motorcycle Bluetooth headsets are invented. They work in the simplest way by connecting rider to all the communication systems. The rider can control the headset handsfree and with voice command.

The intercommunication system helps the rider to focus on the road, Gps system rides him to the destination and reduces the background noises. This multipurpose device is actually a gift to the riders and is very comfortable to use. It allows you to answer and make the calls, listen to music, transfer the files and GPS navigation system.

4. How We Tested

In order to test the Bluetooth headsets, we took the help of our professional team. First, we have conducted series of experiments to test the material, durability, strength, utility, functionality of the headset. We invited ten motorcycle riders who ride bikes for fun, for adventures, on daily basis and other purposes. Our team gave the headsets to all of them and instructed the riders to use headsets for two months.

After two months we collected the results from the riders and here is what we have found:

  • Headsets are very easy to set up and use.
  • Comfortable and safe.
  • Strong and reliable.
  • Helps you to communicate without any distractions.
  • Stereo speakers with clear music.

5. Care and Maintenance

Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets need good care and maintenance to last for a long time. Just do not drop them here and there and clean them carefully. Do not overcharge them.

Sena SMH5 Review & Buying Guides

1. Sena SMH5-01 Low-Profile Motorcycle and Scooter Bluetooth Headset / Intercom (Single)

Sena Low-Profile Motorcycle and Scooter Bluetooth Headset or Intercom

Sena SMH5 motorcycle Bluetooth headset is something you must get if you love to own the best champion during the rides. The two-way intercom keeps you connected with your friends, helps you to listen to music and increases your comfort in riding a motorcycle. With the crystal clear clarity sound, the stereo headset provides most clear sounds.

Also, it keeps you connected with fellow riders within 400 meters. Bluetooth is built with 3.0 technology which enables the user to use the headset with voice command, delivers GPS directions, increases capacity of listening while driving with no disturbance and other significant benefits

Advanced noise technology cuts off all the unnecessary noises, traffic sounds in incoming and outgoing audio. The music receiver can be combined with an mp3 player to listen to your favorite songs.

Product Features:

  • Battery life stays up to eight hours which is an amazing feature if the rider goes on long drives.
  • Two-way intercom keeps conversations between you and your companions.
  • You can listen and share the music with an mp3 player.
  • Built-in advanced noise control technology transfers and receives audio with no background noises.
  • Built-in 3.0 technology makes the headset work on voice prompt.

  Things We Liked:

  • Long battery life.
  • High quality.
  • Good durability.
  • Voice command.
  • High sound quality.

  Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Issues with the mic.

Last Words

We hope you got enough information from this Sena SMH5 review. Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets are invented to decrease the difficulties of riders. This product is something which stays with you all along the ride. So, Stay wise, Choose right!

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