How To Ride A Motorcycle For The First Time

Getting started with a bike for the first time is pretty straightforward. All it needs is to get comfortable and to control things smartly. 


Let’s start with the primary things first.

Here are some of the steps about how to ride a motorcycle for the first time that comes in handy if you are tensed about your first motorcycle ride:

Make yourself comfortable:

Fear comes naturally to first-time riders. Try not to panic and remain calm. Feel confident about your body balance. Once you are confident, the next things will be taken care of automatically. Use helmet and other protection gears to keep you safe from injuries.

Choose a dirt ground:

​A dirt place is ideal for starting the learning process. Even if you fall, you can brush off the dirt yourself and start again. But, busy streets are dangerous equally.

Right Motorcycle:

​Choose a motorcycle that you can easily flatfoot. Make sure the weight of the motorcycle is light to carry and easy to control. In this way, you will feel more comfortable.

​Get familiarized with the controls:

​Get an idea about the controls. It is better if you have anyone to give information on this matter. There is a clutch that engages and disengages the power to the wheel. If you pull the clutch, it disengages power to the wheel and vice versa.

There are turning signals switches and horn button. The front brake is present on the right-hand side. One needs to apply it slowly. Some bikes also have panic switch button. It is used to kill the power to wheels if you feel to be out of control.

The power button or kick-start button can start your bike with just a click. Some prefer to kick start manually with their legs. The throttle under the right palm is for speed. Just rotate that towards you and the speed increases.

​Try to get it off kickstand:

​Push it around a little. It will make you comfortable with its weight. Push it around left, right and in a circle. Then push it with your feet under to get a feel of riding it.

​Start the process:

​Now, Start the bike. Then pull the clutch in a bit, put in gear and let the brake off. Now lose the clutch to the point when it starts to pull the motorcycle. Once it starts to roll, disengage the clutch. Repeat the above process 20 times at least.

Each time, try to move the bike little forward. Then increase the distance. Move forward about 5-10 feet and then stop. Keep continuing these baby steps for some time.


Now as you are comfortable, try to ride in a big free space. Take few laps and stop. In this way, you will build up the skills. Your each succession steps will make you feel more confident in yourself.

Start going up on gears:

Once you are comfortable with the basics, start switching the gears. Ride with that gear for few minutes and then shift back to the first with the clutch. Practice going up and down.

Add more skills:

As you know now how to ride, start to add more lesions. Try to turn make a turn around a standing car. Or just move through light traffic areas. Ride through little bumps and try not to lose control over brake and clutch.

This is a basic process of how to ride a motorcycle for the first time. It is more easy and quick to learn if you have anyone there to instruct you.

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