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Motorcycle Vs Car Pros & Cons

Motorcycle vs car pros and cons

The debut of a motorcycle vs cars never actually ends. Both vehicles have their own advantages and disadvantages in the people's lifestyle. Motorcycles give you thrill and cars give you extreme luxury. If you are considering to get one in both of them, you may probably face a hard time to select the one. Here are the pons and cons of a motorcycle vs cars.


Motorcycles Pros:

  • Less gas: environmental friendly:

Motorbike runs with less amount of fuel compared to the car. If you tend to go on long journeys and want to save the fuel, motorcycles can be your best option. Also, this factor favors our environment.


  • ​No insurance payments:

​Motorcycles do not need any overpriced insurance deals.

  • ​Fewer repairs

​I can confirm this advantage with my personal experience. I own a motorcycle for six years and I took it to service center just six to seven times, Motorcycles needs fewer repairs and takes less maintenance.

  • ​Parking

​Nowadays it is a challenge to find a parking place. If you live in cities, you can find an only limited place to park. Motorcycles are very easy to park and you can simply park it anywhere you want. They just need a little place and takes less occupation than cars.

  • ​Traffic

​Traffic is a huge headache and you need a perfect vehicle to escape from it. Motorcycles can go anywhere and you can drive the traffic easily.

  • ​Freedom

​Unlike cars, motorcycles give you a lot of thrill and enjoyment while driving. You can feel waves of air going through your hair and if you love adventures motorcycles are the best.

  • ​Shortcuts

​You can find simple ways and easy routes to reach your destination.

Cons of Motorcycle

  • Safety

Motorcycles are less safer than cars. They are more likely to get into accidents due to less protection.


  • ​Natural enemies

​On motorcycles, you may face rain, sunlight, heavy breezes which may cause huge discomfort while driving.

  • ​Speed

​Motorcycles are slower than cars.

Advantages of car

Cars are another definition of luxury, comfort, speed, and safety. Travelling in a car gives you safe feeling and you can take many people along with you. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the car:

The pros and cons of owning a car

  • Speed

Cars usually move much faster than the motorcycle. It covers a lot of distance within less amount of time.

  • Safety

Cars are safer than bikes. You can have protection gear like an airbag, seat belt, and other equipment. Also, it protects you from sun and rain

  • More space and comfort:

You can sit comfortably in your seat without any problem. Riding a bike for a long time can give you back pain but you may not face this problem in the car.

  • Insurance

It is a huge headache to deal with the paperwork, insurance deals and other paper wor in the matter of cars

  • Price

Cars cost lot more than a motorcycle.

  • ​Traffic

​It is impossible to find a way out of the traffic.

  • ​Environmental enemy

​Cars release huge amounts of carbon dioxide which spoils the environment.

Here are the pros and cons of Motorcycle and cars.It completely depends on user's lifestyle to choose the one that matches their needs.

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