Motorcycle Safety Riding Tips

Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling experience but needs different skills to control it and ride safely. Motorcycles are less safer than cars and involve you in a lot of dangers.

To drive a motorcycle happily you just have to follow few rules and basic laws that reduce the dangers.Even though you are a licensed driver you need to know some of the tips which protect you from fatalities.


Here are the motorcycle safety tips that can help you to drive happily:

#1. Wear a right protection gear:

It is the most important thing you must do before touching the motorcycle. Wearing a helmet is the first step you need to do to stay safe. Helmets protect your head even though you met with an accident helmets saves you from fatal head injuries.

Wear a strong helmet which tested and fits right for you. Also, wear a bright and shining apparel to get reflection so others can identify you quickly. Wear right gloves that give good grip on the handlebar.

If you are going for a long ride wear lightweight leather jackets that protect your skin while driving. Put on your sunglasses that saves your eyes from small particles rushing while riding. Use boots which have good traction and strong soles to keep your feet safe.

#2. Take a Motorcycle Safety Course:

Getting a motorcycle license is essential in most of the states. First, you have to attend motorcycle safety classes where your trainer helps you to learn basics of motorcycle driving.

After that you need to pass a driving test to prove your skills and after you will be awarded the driving license. Through this, you will get to know the safety rules and laws to drive in a controlled manner. Different states have different types of rules.

#3. Check the motorcycle parts frequently

It is essential to keep your motorcycle parts in good condition and protect them from damages. If not, you may face troubles in the middle of riding.

  • Brakes: Apply both front and rear brakes before the ride. Both brakes should apply firmly without any trouble.
  • Horn: It is funny to press the horn button but just click it twice to test it.
  • Headlight and signal lights: Make sure that all the lights are working properly.
  • Mirrors: Always keep them clean and adjusted.
  • Tire pressure: Always keep your tire pressure balanced.
  • Hydraulic fluids: Check for any sort of leaks.
  • Chain: Make sure it is oiled well and in position.

Take a good care of your motorcycle and take them to regular care for good maintenance.

#4. Be careful at the turns:

Most of the accidents occur at the places of the turns. Be careful while taking the turns and always use brakes and clutch to slow down. You have to maintain momentum and force during the turns.

#5. Be alert always:

​The first rule of riding a motorcycle is never drunk and drive. Stay alert, look around twice and keep enough distance from the surrounding vehicles. Pay close attention to the road and ride with caution.

If you are riding the motorcycle in rain, you need to take more care because roads may be slippery. Use your head to look around and never violate any rules while crossing roads. Give signals when taking turns and be careful.

​#6. Stay in your comfort zone:

​Drive in a place where you feel comfortable. Don't go on double or triple rides if you can not control the motorcycle. Make sure you know the route and ways to the destination. Don't buy a motorcycle which is not your type and seems heavy to handle. Get familiar with all the controls and ride in your comfort levels.

​#7. Avoid Distraction:

​Getting distracted while driving can be hazardous and causes fatal accidents. Never use your mobile phone or other things while driving. A second of distraction can worth your life.

​#8. Weather and environment:

​Riding a motorcycle exposes you to extreme weather conditions. Two wheelers are less stable and a little pressure can get your hurt. Never drive your motorcycle in heavy storms in which roads can be slippery.

#9. Practice makes perfect:

​Overall, you will learn a lot of things in your everyday riding time. Learn new techniques to control your bike, make sure you have a good grip on all the techniques. Master all the skills and drive happily.

​Here are the important tips that give you great control on the motorcycle and keeps you safe always.

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