Motorcycle Safety Myths & Misconceptions

Myths are something which is very lovely to hear but foolish to believe in. Believing in myths about motorcycles can be a deadly thing and may hurt you or even kill you. You would have heard different types of stories, tips, and assumptions from different people. Now it is time to know what is wrong and what is right about those myths.

Here are the top motorcycle myths which you should see the truth right now:

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​1 Helmet

I don’t know why but people do think that helmets are harmful where these are the top most important things you need to have while riding a motorcycle. Here are some of the myths about the helmet:

  • Helmets can break your neck:

Well, let me tell you a secret! I too used to believe that bulky helmets may break your neck during the time of crashing. But it turns out to be a myth. Helmets are designed with exclusive energy absorbing system which reduces the stress and pressure at the time of impact.

  •  Full faced Helmets reduces your visibility:

Helmets come with a comprehensive angle view designed with safety standards. Wearing a full faced helmets increases your safety levels and keeps you safe.

  • Helmets decrease your hearing and seeing power:

Helmets look like around egg covering all over your hand. Wearing a helmet cant diminish your hearing power or anything. You can hear better and see clearly without any distractions. It cuts off all the unnecessary noises and keeps you focused.

2. At the Time of The Crash, Laying Down Your Bike Protects You

Accidents may not give you enough time to think about your position. Your mind may go into shock, and you may not have time to respond. You should never try to lay your motorcycle down because it can cause more harm. Instead, stay upright, use your brakes and slow down to reduce the pressure of impact.

3. Loud Pipes are Safer

A loud noise coming from your motorcycle pipe may not protect you. In most cases, drivers may not pay attention to the pipe sounds, and it is annoying to hear that sound. This is entirely a myth and puts you in more danger.

4. Race Tires Increase the Speed

This myth is ridiculous because the tires never change the speed of the motorcycle. The engine power is the reason for the speed. Motorcycle tires are designed for excellent grip, traction, and smooth running.

5. Streets and Roads are Safer Than Highways

It is a myth that streets and roads are a lot more reliable than the highways. According to Safety Administration, 91% of the accidents occur in the streets and alleys. It is because streets have heavy traffic compared to the roads and confuse the driver with a lot of vehicles. Highways have a smooth flow of traffic, more prominent lanes, and narrow traffic ranges which reduce accidents.

6. Professional Riders won’t Face any Problems in Driving

Even a most skilled motorcyclist cannot handle some of the situations during driving. If a car or heavy vehicle suddenly pullouts or turns in front of him, he may not have time to stop his motorcycle. Even best skills might not save you if the things turned in to worst. So, be careful.

Few tips to debunk the myths:

  • Wear a bright neon and bright color helmet and clothes to be more visible on the road.
  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Choose a motorcycle which suits you.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Be careful and pay clear attention.

Here are some of the myths about the motorcycle which you need to stop believing from now. Myths are useful in fairy tales and urban legends, but when it comes to the motorcycle, you must know the truth.

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