How To Size Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets play a vital role in the safety of a motorcyclist and most effective in the protection. It protects you from serious brain injuries and saves you in fatal crashes.

It is essential to make sure that the helmet you are wearing fits your head properly and suits you correctly.

If it is smaller in size, you may feel discomfort and if it is too big if can cause other troubles in the fitting. The helmet only protects you if it fits around your head correctly.


Here are the steps about how to size motorcycle helmets:

Step 1: Measure your head:

Use a tape to measure around your head and note the size. Measure the distance between your eyebrows and ears and forehead to know the size of your whole head. Ask someone for help if you are unable to measure your head on your own.

Getting an accurate measurement helps you to choose the right one.

Make note of all the measurements in centimeters and know that your head shape and size results in the comfortable fit. Long oval, Intermediate oval, Round oval, square are the different shapes of human heads. According to the measurements determine the size and shape of your head.

STEP 2: Choose a helmet of your size:

The next step is to choose a helmet based on the measurements. You can find a measurement chart in manufacturer profile or local store.

Use the chart to find the helmet that fits you. Take the measurement of your head and compare it to the size chart of your desirable motorcycle helmet. Different manufacturers have specific sizing ranges so, always check the size clearly.

STEP 3: Try it once and check the fit:

Once you have chosen the helmet model, try it on and check if it fits properly. Place the helmet on your head and see if you feel comfortable. While wearing a helmet, take a note about how it fits around your head. You should have enough room to breath and the cushioning pads should be close to your cheekbones. Inspect the gaps around the temples of your head and make sure your neck is comfortable.

When you wear a new helmet for the first time, it may be a bit tighter and the interior can cause a bit discomfort. The interior should not have any gaps or hot spots in the points of skull and face. Also, it should have enough space to move your head around freely.

Put a finger on your helmet and its interior it should fit difficulty. Also as a last step, fasten the chin strap by keeping your head straight and if you feel any space at the back of your head it may be large in size.

A helmet that fits properly contributes a number of advantages. It keeps your head comfortable, safe and protects you from all the dangers. If the helmet doesn't fit correctly it can be very painful. Spend enough time to research and choose the best motorcycle helmet.

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