How To Sell Your Motorcycle

Finally, you took the decision to sell your motorcycle. Now what? A highly competitive marketplace may give you a tough time to get a right price for your motorcycle.

There can be many reasons to sell your motorcycle like as a source of funds, to get space for your new bike or other reason but you need to know the right way to sell it


Here are the steps you need to read to know how to sell your motorcycle:

How to sell a motorcycle privately: 

  • Clean your motorcycle:

No one likes a motorcycle which looks bad. Clean your motorcycle neatly or visit commercial cleaning services. If possible get some touch-ups all over the motorcycle to make it look like a new one.

  • Get a mechanical checkup:

Used motorcycles tend to have a number of complications compared to the new one. Before selling take your motorcycle to a mechanic and get it tested. You must own a valid safety certificate before selling the motorcycle.

  • Know your motorcycle:

It is a very important step to do before starting the process. It adds you many beneficial points and you can explain everything to the buyer like attributes of your motorcycle and If not you may face the awkward situation if the buyer knows a lot of information that you do.

  • ​Prior preparation:

​Before selling your motorcycle, you need to have all your documentation ready for you. Here are the main documents you must get:

  • ​Legal documents;
  • Motorcycle history;
  • Certifications;
  • Copy of the bill;
  • Detailed information about the condition of the motorcycle;
  • Service history;
  • Insurance details;
  • Advertising the sale:

In olden days, people used to display their bikes on the roads and advertise their sale everywhere. But now due to an increase in theft rate, we can’t do that anymore. Instead, you can obtain hundreds of other options to give free advertisement.

You can post a free classified ad on the internet which can be available for millions of people that increases chances of a quick purchase. Also, create an attractive description highlight all the special qualities of your motorcycle and specific title to reach out people.

  • Communication and meetings:

This is a crucial part of the process of selling your motorcycle. Many people can reach out to you after viewing your advertisement. Choose potential buyers and discuss everything.

  • Test Rides:

Once you are satisfied with the price range and buyer, you can allow them to test ride your motorcycle. Normally motorcycle companies verify driving license to make sure he/she can handle the motorcycle easily. Check the person's license documents and handle the motorcycle. You can choose a comfortable place for the test drive and prefer the well-known areas.

  • Making the deal:

After the drive, if the buyer likes the motorcycle, its time to make a good deal. Once you are satisfied with the deal, start the transaction. If the buyer gives money order or check verify the payment details and validate the payment. Make a copy of the transaction and handle the keys to the buyer.

Selling a motorcycle to a dealer

It is the simplest way to sell your motorcycle. You can find dealers who sell used motorcycles in the nearby places and visit them. The only disadvantage here is you receive fewer funds compared to the first option. Dealers ask all the documents and papers so be prepared with all the essentials

You may have a great connection with your motorcycle. But when the time arrives you have to sell it. Just be sure the buyer is good and keeps your motorcycle happy!

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