How to Hotwire a Motorcycle

Hotwiring a motorcycle is illegal but there can be many other reasons where you need the ideas of how to hotwire a motorcycle. If you cannot find your bike keys or accidentally lost them somewhere, try to find the keys.

Even if you do not have any alternative option, then a motorcycle owner can hotwire a motorcycle. The process is not a tough task but needs some skills to get it done. Unlike cars, the hotwiring motorcycle is pretty simple and just needs a few tools to complete the action.


Here is an article to guide you about how to hotwire a motorcycle:

How it works:

Usually, the motorcycle works on the principle of ignition. Once you put your key in the keyhole, it ignites the engine that turns on the motorcycle. In this process you just need to initiate the motor artificially:

Tools you need:

Speaker wire or handy wire. You can get this wire from a nearby store and make sure it is 3-4 inches speaker wire. Speaker wire is our artificial key to turn on the vehicle.

Detailed steps of how to hotwire a motorcycle:

This method is the most commonly used and simple way to hotwire your bike. It just takes few minutes and less effort. You just need careful observation and confidence to make things right:

Step1: Locate the wires

Wires in the motorcycles are covered with the protective covers. Some of the motorcycles may not come with any specific protective coverage.

First, check it and carefully observe everything. You need to identify the ignition wiring system and use the handlebar to locate easily. These wires come in different colors and types usually they come in green, red, black and yellow colors.

Step2: Remove the plastic socket

​After the identification, you can notice the three wires in the motorcycle. The three wires come in a bundled plastic socket. Find the socket and separate the wires from the socket with the help of your hands.

There are two types of caps one which is connected with wires and the other one emerges out of the cap. You only need the cap that emerges out to separate it from the wires connected to the handlebar.

​Step3: Insert the speaker wire or handy wire in the socket

​This is the most important step in the process of hotwire. The speaker wire does the whole action and you have to be careful in this step.

Put the speaker wire in the socket and try to pull the cap that is separated from the wires which are connected to the handlebar. Insert the speaker wire into the socket and another end of speaker wire inside of the other end.

​Step4: Press the ignition button

Once you see the lights turn on, press the ignition button. Once you get it right you can hear the sound of an engine starting and the motorcycle starts.

Now you have started the motorcycle with the hotwire successfully. Perform all the steps carefully to reach the end part with perfect results. You can use shorter speaker wire for best results.​

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