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How To Draw A Motorcycle Is So Famous?

How to draw a motorcycle

Remember those times where you tried to draw a motorcycle but got some other drawing at last! Drawing a motorcycle is a fun part but you need to know the right way to draw it. Do you want to know how to draw a motorcycle in a perfect way?


Here are the four easiest ways on how to draw a motorcycle.

First way of drawing a motorcycle:

Step: #1

  • Draw a pentagon which has five sides. This serves as a main guideline for the whole body;
  •  Add two circles underneath the Pentagon which are actually the wheels of the motorcycle;
  • With the help of guidelines, build the other parts of the motorcycle;
  • Divide the guideline according to the design you want;
  • Draw rear, seat and front parts of the motorcycle;
  • Sketch out the whole body;
  • Draw 3 small circles inside the two circles and connect them to the body;
  • After drawing it simply give a detailed layout of headlights, horn, handles, and backlights;
  • Colour the whole bike with your favorite colors;

Second way of how to draw a bike easy step by step:


  • As a first step, start with a body guide. Draw a curved line of the motorcycle;
  • Draw the lines attached to the curved lines for the wheels;
  • Draw a top and midsection based on the bike body;
  • Design the front bumper of the motorcycle;
  • Draw handlebars from the guideline;
  • Draw two side mirrors asides of the bike;
  • Detail the bike with some lines and sketch the front bars;
  • Then draw the wheel rim and design the tires;
  • Detail the engine part by the guideline;
  • Draw the seat part and move along the guideline;
  • After drawing all the parts, erase the guidelines and there you have it;

Third way of how to draw a bike with a person riding it


  • Draw two circles on both left and right side which serves as the wheels;
  • Draw two lines which connect them and take the line upwards. This line serves as the guideline;
  • Draw the front bumper according to the line and erase the line;
  • Shape the back part of the motorcycle on the back wheel;
  • Design the seat in your favorite way and highlight the parts;
  • Design the silencer at the back of the bike;
  • Draw mirrors on the sides and color the whole body;

Fourth way of drawing a motorcycle like a pro


  • Draw a hexagon as a guideline;
  • Layout an irregular trapezoid on the left side;
  • Draw a spike shape on the right side for the back of a motorcycle;
  • Draw an irregular pentagon and two circles for the bike engine;
  • Draw an arch as the wheel guard;
  • Draw the handlebars and connect the wheels with a set of rectangles;
  • Draw two smaller in longer circles which serves as wheels;
  • Sketch the other parts and make out the outlines;
  • Give details to your motorcycle and erase the guidelines;
  • Colour your motorcycle;

Here are the four easy ways to draw a motorcycle. If you love drawing and enjoy to find out new ways to draw we hope this article helped you. Drawing is a talent and you never stop learning in the matter of drawing. You can also find latest ways and different ways to draw a thing. Happy Drawing!

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