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How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance

How much is motorcycle Insurance

If you are planning to buy a motorcycle, the first thing you may think about is how much is motorcycle insurance? It is a critical part to determine the right cost of motorcycle insurance as various kind of factors effects the insurance range.

Usually, motorcycle insurance costs lesser than car depending on the model. An average cost of motorcycle insurance costs around 200$-500$ per year in basic circumstances. Ensuring your motorcycle insurance is mandatory in most of the Countries and beneficial in many cases.


To calculate the insurance you need to take a look at different scenarios. The simplest reason for expensive motorcycle insurance is it is little riskier to drive it and you get involved in more accidents compared to a car.

Here are the factors that decide the cost of insurance:

Model of Motorcycle:


The model of the motorcycle, year of the manufactory, the design can impact on the cost of the insurance. For example, the insurance of the Harley Davidson is higher than the Honda bike because of the making, design and other factors. Also, the company of the motorcycle changes the price. If you add any other accessories like kits, it affects the insurance range.

Your state:


The average amount of insurance may be different in various states. It depends on the financial liability of the state, type of policy and other factors. You can find drastic differences in the motorcycle coverage. If you live in the state where insurance coverage is cheap you are lucky, if not paying for coverage may cost a lot.

However, states like Texas, Florida, and Michigan costs highest insurance coverage and states like North Dakota, Wyoming, New Hampshire costs you the lowest.

Your details:

The insurance coverage policy takes a note of your age, driving experience, driving license and other things. If your age is 16-24 with good driving record and license, it may cost you a little bit higher because younger drivers tend to go faster which can be a bit risky.

If your age is 25-60 years with the good driving record and full coverage, it may costs you very less and affordable. On an average it costs you 400$ to 800$ a year based on the type of insurance. People who have a bad driving record, history of accident and traffic violations have to pay more for the coverage.

How frequently you use it

If you use your motorcycle once a week or once a month, you may not encounter any sort of hazardous situations. If you use your motorcycle daily you may get higher risks of accidents, theft and other dangers. It can also affect the range of insurance.

Storage place:

​If you store your motorcycle in a safely locked place or garage it can cost you lesser because placing your motorcycle on streets can impose it to theft and other problems.

​Where you drive:

​If you tend to drive in normal places where there are less traffic and low accident rates, you can have standard insurance coverage and if you drive in heavy traffic places, it may take premium insurance to protect you.


​Your driving experience:

​Your insurance agents check your driving experience, history of driving and other records.

​Contact a trusted agency and professional agent:

​It is one of the most important things that change the insurance rate. Also check for the possible discounts, accurate prices and make a prior research. Compare the price ranges and get a good deal.

​The range of insurance coverage can change based on the geographic factors, the model of motorcycle and many other reasons. No matter what buying an insurance for your motorcycle can protect you and your motorcycle. To gain beneficial results, get an insurance coverage and ride safely!

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