HDX30L Battery Review – Should You Buy?

Motorcycle batteries are one of the most critical parts of the motorcycle. Choosing the right motorcycle battery is extremely necessary because it impacts directly on the performance and reliability of the motorcycle.

The best batteries help motorcycle to increase the energy efficiency, speed, pick up, control and mileage. A low-quality motorcycle battery means a threat to your life.

Always be very careful during the selection of this products. Harley Davidson bikes are most expensive, topmost and favorite bikes in the present world. It needs robust, efficient, skillful, well designed, and advanced technology battery.  HDX30L is manufactured with AGM technology which perfectly works out to run the motorcycle.

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Hdx30L Battery Review:

1. THROTTLEX HDX30L – Harley Davidson, ATV and UTV Replacement Battery

THROTTLEX HDX30L - Harley Davidson, ATV and UTV Battery

The hdx30l fits some of the Harley Davidson models, and it depends on the type and year of the model. We have selected this product for you because of its spectacular features.

Here are the highlights of hdx30l analyzed:

  • AGM Technology: One of the most advanced features of this battery is AGM technology in which the battery is designed with highly porous microfiber separators that trap and absorb the acid which makes the battery leak and spillproof. It protects the cell from drying up and makes it last longer. You can confidently ride your Harley Davidson without any tensions with this battery.
  • Easy to install: Installing this battery on your motorcycle is straightforward. You can hook this to your Harley, and it starts working within seconds. You can do it yourself.
  • Fiberglass pads: It is designed with fiberglass pads in the middle of the plates which absorb the liquid electrolytes. It decreases the absorption of liquid and makes it spillproof.
  • 400 cold cranking Amps: Do you believe it? Yes, this battery is designed with 400 cold cranking Amps. Cold Cranking Amps is a word used to define the battery’s ability to turn on the engine in freezing temperatures. It helps you to quickly start the bike and reach the highest speed within a matter of seconds.
  • Models that fit in: This battery fits for the models in 1997-2016 road glide, road king, ultra classic, and Electra Glide. It is a maintenance-free model because it is made up of sturdy materials which never get damaged.
  • Light in weight: It weighs 23lbs which makes it very easy to carry around. It is made up of high quality and light in weight materials. It is small in weight and fits correctly in all the mentioned models.
  • Best design: The hdx30l battery is one of the best batteries used for Harley Davidson. The whole design is filled with the latest technology, fueled by the power which makes it extremely powerful. The manufacturer gave 100% reliability on this battery and designed specially by best engineers.
  • High durability: It is made up of high-quality materials which makes it super durable. The exterior parts are made up of harsh elements that keep them stable to withstand any force.
  • Physical dimensions: It is the primary aspect to consider before picking a replacement battery for your motorcycle. These batteries are designed to fill the place of previous batteries. So, it must match the replacement needs of the past one. Make sure the length, width, and height fit the best for replacing. The battery should not be too big or too small.
  • High performance: No one likes a bike that rides powerless and takes a lot of time to pick up the speed. The battery is the heart of your motorcycle which makes it run for a long time. Never settle for anything less for your motorcycle.


So, here is the detailed review of the hdx30l battery. The selection of the batteries for motorcycle must be made with extensive knowledge because it can change the lifeline of your motorcycle. Do your research before purchasing the one to know your needs. The power of battery increases the speed of your bike.

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