Dowco Guardian WeatherAll Plus Motorcycle Cover Review for 2021

Purchasing a motorcycle without its necessary accessories is useless. Most of the bikers don’t know the benefit of motorcycle accessories. You will find the advantage of having them only after seeing the side effects which is too late.

Having a garage helps to protect the motorcycle, but 60% of the population don’t have garages.

The other alternative for this situation is a motorcycle cover.

Parking your bike outside will get exposed to sunlight, dust, rain, and mud. It is essential to protect your motorcycle and maintain properly to last long.

A motorcycle cover is made of fabric or other materials that cover the top of your bike which helps in protecting from scratches and vandalism. Don’t you think that protecting your bike from sunlight and wind is also an important thing as you park it outside?

A quality motorcycle cover will ensure a long lasting job with less amount of investment and time to clean your bike.

The motorcycle cover helps the owner to ensure the vehicle is clean and running in excellent condition.

Here comes the Dowco Guardian Weatherall Plus motorcycle cover. You may think that there are many motorcycle covers present in the market what’s unique in purchasing this.

The Dowco Weatherall Plus motorcycle cover has most of the advantages that can protect your bike in all seasons.

Dowco Guardian Weatherall Plus Motorcycle Cover Features Analyzed 2021

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To make sure this cover is perfect for you, we have carefully scrutinized all the features of this motorcycle cover. Here is the detailed description of the qualities and best features:

Comes in Various Sizes:

These covers are designed in various sizes to fit perfectly for almost all motorcycles.

The total number of covers you can find in all sizes from medium to 3XL are 11. Measure the size of your bike would be a right choice. So that it can make you comfortable in choosing the best fit.

Most of the motorcycles will fall into one of these categories.

Medium size is the best fit for the bikes that tend to be situated small at the end of the spectrum. Large covers are suitable for most of the bikes.

However, If you have a custom or particularly designed bike, then it is not easy to find the perfect fit for your bike.

Prevents Fading:

While riding a bike at high-speed motorcycles are subjected to very harsh conditions.

Without any protection, direct fall of sunlight and rain will promote to fade away the paint on the bike gradually. You may not find the difference in a day as the process gradually increases slowly. If you have a look at the color of the bike when you buy it and the present color then you will notice the change in the color of paint.

The paint does not fade quickly as it is made of heavy-duty polyester with special color-look.

Aluminized Coating:

The aluminum coating protects the cover from melting and burning when the motorcycle is hot. Many motorcycles get very hot after rides.

Water-repellent with Heat-seal Seam Tapes:

For the last 180 years, waterproofing has been in the industry.

All waterproof motorcycle covers are not quality products. A cover which has waterproof with heat-sealed, taped seams will deliver you a new level of protection.

Heat Seal Seam tapes are multilayered adhesive films and are applied to the sewn seams to prevent water from leaking through those seams.

Reflective Moisture-Guard Vent System:

The one significant features you must look for because good ventilation system increases breathability, airflow and keeps your motorcycle dry.

It protects moisture from entering into your motorcycle even in massive cyclones. The reflective shield never allows anything that damages your motorcycle.

ClimaShield Plus Fabric Technology:

The Dowco motorcycle cover is featured with Climashield Plus technology where 300 deniers woven polyester dyed in heavy duty solution. It is also top coated with proprietary marine grade triple coating that is formulated to resist extra moisture, fade resistance, breathability and water repellent.

Keeps Away From Dust:

Washing the motorcycle thoroughly makes to look clean, and it also improves the performance.

Most of the people wash their motorcycles with water to keep it clean. But cleaning with water is not a practical approach because it may affect some sensitive parts.

Here comes the motorcycle cover which makes the bike look like a new one and keeps clean without washing.

Care and Maintenance:

As the cover is exposed to rain, sunlight and other dirt particles, they quickly get dirty. To remove the dirt, you can wash it with cold or hot water.

In case of any stains on the cover, using a washing powder or a detergent helps you to get rid of it. Rinse the cover thoroughly before letting it dry. Try to wash the cover with the hand so that it will not damage the cover quickly. 

It is always best to care about your loved things before getting spoiled.

A well-maintained motorcycle can last for a long time, and motorcycle covers keep the shine same all the year. It also protects your bikes from thieves. Now it is your time to invest in the safety of your motorcycle.

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