The Secret Of Advanced Motorcycle Riding Techniques

There are thousands of techniques to ride a motorcycle. The most important thing about riding a motorcycle is a proper technique the rider is using at the proper time. From pros to the learner, people use different techniques to control their bikes.

The thing about motorcycles is you never stop learning about the techniques and you can learn a new thing everytime you ride.


Here is a list of top five advance motorcycle riding techniques:

Body Positioning:

Body positioning is the main thing which takes your ride to the next level. New ways of body positioning can help you to learn about new controls and brings out the difference in the ride. Here are some of the body positioning techniques:

Keep your chest part on the tank

Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle

It is one of the most advanced techniques bikers are using nowadays. Leaning your chest part of the tank of the motorcycle reduces pressure on your limbs and protects you from the heavy winds.

It also improves the motorcycle's aerodynamics by decreasing the impact of the air which increases the speed. It reduces the center of gravity on the motorcycle which gives you a better control.

Hands position:

Your hands have the whole control on your motorcycle. Experts say that high performances do all the magic with the help of their hands and they take all the control of the bike with no pressure. Slow hands make fast riders.

Go smooth on your motorcycle and know where to go gentle and hard. Position your hands in a comfortable way so that you can access all the controls easily.

Braking Techniques:

Use the brakes where you should and not where you want to. It is a fact that always using the brakes for your own comfort can decrease the efficiency of motorcycle and slows you down. While applying brake squeeze it tightly and release it gently to maintain the balance correctly. Always arm your brakes with one finger constantly on the lever.

Also knowing different brake techniques can help you to use the correct system at a correct time. Practice makes you perfect and learns the braking techniques clearly. Here are some of the instructions to help you:

  • ​Focus on your right-hand fingers and front tire;
  • Trigger the break like a gun and release it very gently;
  • Keep applying the brake until the tire creates a yowling sound which occurs at the point of lockup;
  • Don't lock your elbows and keep your hands in control to handle the pressure of break;

Use the controls correctly

​Always maintain a balance between speed, traction, suspension, steering, and stability. Check for the ground clearance and weight transfer during the ride. Making small adjustments can improve your driving level

​Clutchless changes

​During the acceleration, roll off the throttle to unload the gearbox and click up a gear without using the clutch. It goes very smooth and faster without the clutch effect and cools down the gearbox.

​Suspension adjustments

​Take a benefit of suspension and do your prior testing on how it works. Explore the ranges of suspension and adjustments to bring out the best.

​Learn where to go fast and where to go slow:

​This tip is actually a lifesaver if you love to ride faster. Try to go faster in the corners where it can increase the acceleration and maintain the momentum on your side. Make sure to gain a good grip on the front tires during the tours.

Here are the advanced motorcycle techniques which can help you to improve your riding skills. Always wear a helmet during the ride and protect yourself with protective gear. Be gentle, stay safe and drive smartly!

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